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New ideas

New ideas

What makes it so special? Green Magic HomesTM is a building system based on structural modules prefabricated in lightweight composite materials

in sizes that allow for easy transportation to and manipulation at the site, and make up a solid, super strong, and waterproof shell.

4 Reason to live in a Green Magic Home:

Higher comfort and welfare: The comfort generated by the thermal insulation of GMH modules and its vegetation cover, guarantee a lower interior temperature on hot days and higher on colder days.

Fell the nature as ever before: Collect a flower, a fruit or a vegetable from the window, lie down on the roof top to feel the earth, enjoy the crickets at night around the house.

Cheaper and Faster: The assembly of the hard structure within 5 days. The complete construction will take less than one month. The construction cost per m2 may be less than the traditional method.

Customized architercture: Nothing like living within a unique architectural design. It is as if transported into a movie telling your own story.