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In Monteverde is located in one of the worlds most recognized and wonderful cloud forest. Monteverde’s variable climate and high altitude has helped produce an extremely high biodiversity.

It is home to over 100 species of mammals, more than 400 species of birds, thousands of insect species and around 2500 species of plants – containing the largest number of orchids in the world. Monteverde is acclaimed as one of the most outstanding wildlife refuges worldwide.

The area of study for the purpose of describing flora and fauna extends from the peaks and crests of the continental divide in Monteverde (1,850 MASL) to 700 MASL of the Pacific and Caribbean gradients. It Includes the Monteverde Biological Reserve, Santa Elena and The Children's Eternal Rainforest (including Bajo del Tigre), part of Arenal Volcano National Park, and private lands in the buffer zones that surround the Monteverde Biological Reserve complex. Nearly all the area of study is within the premontane and low montane altitudinal levels.
Visitors can explore this internationally recognized environment from trails and trams, along canopy tours or inside museums. It’s wise to plan on spending at least a few days to adventure through this verdant and mountainous world.